I am a blender.


I received this as a gift and it’s basically a bunch of prompts for you to start writing…

You can purchase one here.

One of the prompts:

Think of an object that describes you.  Describe it.

I am like a blender.  It stands there not doing anything until you plug it in and put the contents inside.  Once it is covered with a lid and  the button is pushed, it will keep spinning, and spinning, going, and going.  It will continue to mush up and blend the contents, repetitively.  It needs someone to push the “stop” button in order for it to actually stop.  If not, it will either keep going until the machine dies and it needs an outside source to save it from destruction.

Now that I read this it may seem dark, low, and depressing snippet but apparently that was how I felt at the moment.  That is the neat thing about the book…you write on the spot without too much thinking and it’s focus is about just actually doing it, writing, without stressing.  It is the act of doing and not thinking.  I guess it can be as impulsive and fragmented as one would like or as thought out as an essay but whatever  how the person chooses to answer the prompt, it gets the person writing and having something on paper.

What object describes you?  

Free coloring page

Hey everyone!  

Here is a free PDF coloring page for you to share with any little ones you know!

I know I have been extremely inconsistent posting but that only means more things to share with you in the near future!

Thanks for your patience.

Pass, share, and enjoy!

Coloring Page-1-1


My Little Project

Hi everyone!

I have been working on a book project for a while and here is the sneak peek for it!

It is going to be a children’s series and this is the first book!

This is one sketch and I cannot wait for the final art!

Please forgive me for not posting but I plan to be better at that soon…

What do you think?!


Blessings.  We all possess them.  Sometimes we notice them like a hair on a sweater and in other moments, our eye does not catch a particular blessing even though the sun’s rays are piercing right through it.

Blessings are sometimes physical, like overcoming cancer or becoming someone’s new friend.  They are at times mental and emotional, where we have learned a life lesson or gained a new insight, an experience, and an epiphany.

Our hearts naturally turn warm and serene when the word blessing is uttered.  But the problem most of us have is grasping onto the belief that blessings are newborn babies, yellow voile curtains, or a halo cautiously hanging over a specific event or happening.

Many blessings are actually cold, burdensome, dark, and musty. 

They sometimes give us an aftertaste.  It may be when a life is lost to the one we have loved.  It may be realizing a flaw about someone or ourselves we care about and the pedestal we had put the person on or the pedestal we were sitting on has crumbled- rarely do we give perspective a chance and view such instances as blessings.

This package, this gift called a “blessing” may not be the gift we want or are aspiring to have but it is the water that we need in order for us to grow and prosper in our lives.

What are your thoughts on blessings?

Ful Medames with Feta cheese (recipe)

1 can of ful

enough Feta cheese to nicely coat the beans (crumbled into bite size pieces)

lemon juice

NO salt because the Feta cheese has more than enough

extra virgin olive oil

3-4 garlic cloves smashed! really well

Chop all these ingredients:

1-3 tomatoes

4 stems of green onions

a handful of parsley

I am not very good at taking photos so I only post one photo of the recipe (the part where it’s time to eat it!), otherwise I would LOVE to show you step by step the process of the dish.

But for the purposes of not to embarrass myself and for you NOT want to create this dish because of poor quality images, I have opted for one lonely snapshot.  Sorry!

Again for my measurements, they have been done by my eyes, and so far in my recipes the ingredients balance each other out.

Therefore, the ful would be the same amount as the tomatoes and Feta cheese.

I leave it open for whatever you want to make…if you have a small can of beans then you would know how much to put for tomatoes, if you have like…oh…a 24oz can of beans then you would put enough tomatoes to equal that…

Anyway back to the dish:

  1. Rinse ful from the cans and heat them a bit on the stovetop with some water.
  2. Pour them in a nice platter and add the veggies, parsley, Feta, smashed! garlic and lemon juice.  Mix well.
  3. Drizzle with some e.v.o.o. (I think of Rachel Ray everytime I write that!) and garnish with some chopped parsley.
  4. Serve with some warm, steamy pita bread.  Or crackers.  Or corn chips.  Or if you don’t eat any carbs, you are more than welcome to eat this healthy yumminess with just a spoon.

p.s. (what does this mean anyway?!)

This is great to take to work, eat for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, or snack.  Wonderful as a side dish, an appetizer for a potluck…

Where and when would you serve this dish?